"Bragging Scars" Post Disclaimer - For Educational Purposes Only

Since as early as the 17th century (1601-1700) Bragging Scars have been a badge of honor and a status symbol of academics in Germany. Due to university’s being attended almost exclusively by those who could afford to attend. 
Academic fencing was seen as a kind of character building training and a sign of bravery. Student corporations demanded their members fight in at least one duel during their university time. However it was not uncommon for a student to duel 20 to 30 duels in their university years. 
A duel formally begins with an insult, the most common being ‘dummer junge ‘ (stupid boy). 
In these photos I’ve included German students posing after a successful mensur duel with fresh scars and other photos including former students with scars. 
The last photo includes well known SS Commander Otto Skorzeny. Who was deemed as Adolf’s deadliest general. I mention this because although many/some members of the regime may have had bragging scars. That does NOT directly correlate with this practice being of that regime or a sign of it. 
As stated in the disclaimer this is only for Educational Purpose and I hope you can gain some level of insight in this short article. Don’t we all love history?
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